❤ defense

My own personal “best-of” White Sox Defense – 2011
All pictures link to the video archive at mlb.com. Newest displays of awesomeness are at the top.
Any suggestions/nominations of defensive awesomeness are more than welcome, any time.

08/12/2011 – Brent Lillibridge (v. Royals)

06/12/2011 – Brent Lillibridge (v. Athletics)

06/04/2011 – Brent Morel (v. Tigers) (3 for the price of 1)

05/29/2011 – Carlos Quentin (@ Blue Jays)

05/28/2011 – Brent Lillibridge (@ Blue Jays)

05/12/2011 – Paul Konerko (v. Angels)

04/26/2011 – Brent Lillibridge (@ Yankees)

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