Toronto, Part Two. Or: Let’s not do that again sometime.

Trapped at the ballpark today, surrounded by 18,000 Jays fans and not being able to change the channel…

Instead, I am going to post a link to a video from yesterday – the first time in his 23 year career that Omar has played first base.

“We talked about it in Spring Training. [Guillen] said I might have to play some first base this year, and I was like ‘Come on, you’ve got too many guys out there that can play first,'” Vizquel said. “I never thought I was actually going to have a chance.”


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3 responses to “Toronto, Part Two. Or: Let’s not do that again sometime.

  1. I’m sure that wasn’t a fun game at all and you were there? That’s harder and I know we all can relate. Loved the video though! I admire players who are versatile and team oriented enough to switch positions when needed.
    — Kristen

    • All I can say is that, unlike the 14-inning marathon we lost the day before, at least I was sitting behind the ChiSox dugout, so I wasn’t the only one in black and white in my section yesterday. We could all be miserable together (all 25 of us!).

      And, I am pretty much unable to be swayed from the fact that Omar Vizquel is a rock star. And, also the smile on his face when he was playing first (and chatting with the Jays’ first base coach, who was on the Indians at the same time that he was) was just awesome. 23 years in the majors and he’s still having fun. He tried two of Paul Konerko’s gloves, and one of Adam Dunn’s before he finally settled – I believe – on his own. I think people know what to get him for Christmas this year. :)

      • Okay, that sounds like it needs to be a Sportscenter This is Baseball commercial. Seriously, picture it: Omar Vizquel sitting next to a Christmas tree by a roaring fire dressed in little kid looking White Sox pajamas (you know, with feet), opens an ornately wrapped box and pulls out a spanking new first baseman’s glove. Bouncing up and down like, well, a kid at Christmas, he beams and cheers “Honey, Honey. Look, it’s from the guys!” and hugs the glove like a teddy bear. :)
        — Kristen

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