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And, we’re back. Or: The optimism was nice while it lasted.

So, alas. There were some good times, and then there was more of the same. I’m a little ashamed to say that I actually didn’t make it to the end of last night’s game against the Royals.

Again, Johnny Danks. Brilliant. The White Sox utter absence of anything resembling offense or hustle? Not so brilliant.

It is entirely on the back of Paul Konerko (who has cooled off slightly) and both the starting and the relief pitching that we’re not in Houston Astros territory. But, man-oh-man, the last few games have been hard to watch.

Well, today is an off day and tomorrow we start a stint in Cleveland. The White Sox are about 24 hours removed from an Ozzie meltdown that was probably somewhat deserved and possibly even quite rational and I hope it spurred something. SOMEWHERE. I’m enjoying a bit of a mental health holiday, myself actually.

Since the Jays had a day game, I guess I’m going to settle in, try not to actually melt in the middle of this heat wave and watch the Rays take on the Yankees and just enjoy watching a game where I have only a moderate interest in the actual outcome and take a night off from having my heart stomped on.

I don’t have a baseball picture appropriate for this post, so I’ve decided to post a picture of my dog.

So see y’all tomorrow. Hopefully with everyone feeling a little more optimistic.

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