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The White Sox still like to play the Indians. Or: The White Sox might just be the most mentally fragile team in the history of baseball.

So, the White Sox beat the Indians. They beat them earlier this season and they beat them again last night. Because the White Sox beat the Indians this year.

Last night’s game was another low-scoring affair with great starting and relief pitching, some pretty good defense and the White Sox runs coming off of the bat of a Quentin home run. That’s pretty much the story of this season. That seems to be the White Sox formula (with the Quentin home run sometimes being a Konerko home run). Fortunately, it held up last night. If the Indians had put on Minnesota Twins jerseys, the lead wouldn’t have held up. If they had put on KC jerseys, the game would have gone 12 innings.

It’s just somewhat incomprehensible that this line-up has turned into he 2011 White Sox I’ve been watching for the last few months. My (die-hard Blue Jays fan) brother said to me the other day that he looks at the White Sox roster sometimes and can’t believe how good it is and even the non-Whie Sox diehard fans are completely perplexed as to what happened to our offense.

But, back to last night’s game. To summarize, the pitching was stellar, the defense was good, and the offense was pleasantly adequate. I’m certainly not looking for a 15-0 bludgeoning of the opposing team every time they play, but a little more hitting with runners in scoring position would be really, really nice. Really nice and probably somewhat essential for any hope of contention this season.

And, of course, most notably, Gavin Floyd’s good twin showed up to pitch last night and I’m glad the offense was able to scrape together enough runs to support his effort.


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