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Well, that’s not good. Or: Possibly very, very bad.

Well, today ended with a loss. Which, is a bummer. AJ Pierzynski was O-fer, Lillibidge was O-fer, Alexei was 1-5 (with a single that he got by the skin of his teeth), Beckham, Dunn and Quentin were 1-fer and man this wasn’t fun.

And, it didn’t start out that way. Jake Peavy was perfect (really, really perfect – 4K and ~30 pitches) through 3 innings and things were rolling along swimmingly. Paul Konerko was back in the line-up and he was on fire from the get-go.

And then, in the 4th inning, Jake Peavy gave up a couple of singles, allowed a base runner to advance on a wild pitch, gave up a run on a sac fly and then (though he had only given up one walk through 21 innings pitched this season) walked three consecutive batters and gave up a first-pitch 2-out grand slam to Ryan Raburn and our 2-0 lead gets flipped on its head and it’s 2-6.

If that’s not enough of a kick in the teeth, Will Ohman comes out at the top of the 5th even though Peavy’s only thrown 75 pitches and all of a sudden I’m pretty sure everyone else was thinking what I was thinking. Which was something along the lines of, “Oh, crap.” Not sending out his starter at that point in the game – regardless of how bad that one inning was – normally isn’t Ozzie’s style.

That’s pretty much where the game went from being a run-of-the-mill loss to very, very bad.

And, sure enough, Peavy was out with a strained groin. Re-evaluation due tomorrow and a blow to the bullpen. And, not to mention, probably the last way *anyone* wants to see the end of the 6-man rotation. Maybe I’m being pessimistic, but I’m worried, and I bet I’m not alone. Man, I hope he’s okay. For his sake.

Well, in continuing the tradition of focusing on the “things that do not entirely suck”, I bring you the defensive brilliance of Gordon Beckham, who would like everyone to remember that people not named Brent and Paul play for the White Sox. He followed up his earlier solo-HR with an excellent layout catch – which I have linked here for your viewing pleasure.

Well, tomorrow Seattle is in town and we get to do it all over again.

Go Sox!


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