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Defense! Or: Essentially the Brent Lillibridge Highlight Hour

So, the White Sox decided they were going to put together a compilation some of the best defensive moments of the first half of the season.

To the surprise of no one, it is essentially the Brent Lillibridge highlight reel. The awesome Paul Konerko/Matt Thornton behind-the-back running grab snuck in there at the beginning, and there was a John Danks catch in there that sort of snuck under my radar when it happened, but this video is pretty much a love letter to Brent Lillibridge. Click the photo to watch the awesomeness. :)

In other news, the White Sox start a stint in Arizona tonight and – since I’m a National League ignoraumus – I have really no idea what to expect and it still boggles my mind to see Edwin Jackson’s name in the batting order. All I have to say is that everyone in Arizona better keep their brooms in their closets and I don’t want to have to tip my hat to any more opposing pitchers at the end of a pitcher’s duel, capisce?

Well, here’s to the continuing quest for .500! Go White Sox! :)

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