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Fun facts for a Tuesday afternoon. Or: Avoidance tactics-r-us!

At this blog, we do not talk about games where Gavin Floyd suffers a nuclear meltdown and gets left in the game to flounder. Therefore, we will continue to not talk about yesterday and focus on some fun, not-so-fun, and completely random statistical facts from ChiSox land. Also known as…

Things you were already thinking about the Chicago White Sox, but now you can back up with stats:

  • Carlos Quentin leads the majors in being hit-by-pitches (16). Danny Espinosa (WSH) is behind him with 12. And, in third, is BJ Upton (ARI) with 9. So far, seems like Quentin’s going to run away with this title again. It seems like he just plants himself in the batter’s box and holds his ground. If they’re going to miss that far inside, he’s going to take his base, thankyouverymuch. He’s a tough dude.
  • AJ Pierzynski and Alexei Ramirez are tied for 4th in MLB for GIDP (12), with Alex Rios not far behind tied for 8th (11). So, that feeling of deja vu you feel with 1-out and runners on 1st and 3rd? You’re probably not imagining it.
  • Juan Pierre is still tied for first in leading MLB in sacrifice hits (10). But, more surprising, Paul Konerko is tied for 2nd with sacrifice flies (6). I don’t know if I had appreciated that of Paul Konerko.
  • Paul Konerko’s a steady player on a wicked hot streak and Carlos Quentin has been more intermittently streaky so far this season, but averaged out throughout the season so far, they’re pretty close in plate appearances per home run. 13.3 for Paul, 14.7 for Carlos. I think it’s time for Carlos to get on another hot streak.
  • AJ Pierzynksi and Juan Pierre are the two hardest guys to strike out in MLB. Adam Dunn, unsurprisingly, is the easiest.
  • Will Ohman has the highest K/BB ratio of our pitchers. Seriously… who knew? Jake Peavy and Gavin Floyd round up 2nd and 3rd.
  • There are only 5 qualified starting pitchers in MLB who get less run support than John Danks. Two of them are on the Angels. Halos fans can feel our pain.
  • Phil Humber is tied for the 4th best WHIP in MLB. Tied for 3rd in the AL. Phil Humber wants a raise next year.

Crosstown Classic v.2.0 this evening. I’m mentally preparing myself.

And, stocking up on chocolate.


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