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Extra innings. Again. Or: A wild win in the 10th means I’ll be tired all day tomorrow.

1. I woke up (again, sleeping through the first few innings) in time to catch the end of a solid, and confidence-inducing, if unspectacular, return of Jake Peavy. Congrats to him for all of his hard work. I’m psyched to have him back and hope he stays healthy. And, then, resigned to a loss, I figured I’d catch a couple of innings before heading off to sleep and then all of a sudden Jesse Crain comes in and I haven’t seen him pitch in a while (gotta root for the hometown boy!) and the game looks like it’s been put away by the Angels, but then it all flips on its head with wild pitches, batter interference and a little help from OOOOMAR!

2. Any time that things get all wonky in ChiSox land and Omar Vizquel gets to come into the game, I’m cool with it. Though, I’d prefer if it didn’t happen because of someone else’s injury. And, tonight, he didn’t let me down. He started with a good defensive play at third and then proceeded to double, driving in a run, followed by a sac fly in the next inning. *devilhorns* The Angels announcers were calling him “The Pesky Omar Vizquel”. :) I’ll take it.

3. Dunn was running everywhere tonight. I think he probably stole Paul Konerko’s pink shoes and spray painted them. He was running with conviction, it was kinda awesome.

4. I’m still feelin’ Brent Lillibridge these days. It’s becoming routine to see him come in for Quentin late in the game and I’m really digging it as an overall strategy. Quick on base, can pull out defense when he has to, and saving Quentin a little bit of wear and tear – since it seems like he’s becoming a leg on which we stand. :)

5. Santos. Again. Solid, with a propensity to walk just a few too many batters, I think. But, still a good solid outing and I’m always glad to see him on the mound. He did a good job (with some defensive help) to keep the score steady while the White Sox had a late inning rally. Second win for him, awesome.

6. HOLY CRAP. The 9th innings in this season are going to take years off my life. But, it helps when they go our way. :) If I could watch every game with either the Angels’ or Rays’ announcers, I would and I was reminded of why tonight. Interesting, poised and so classy. It was a pleasure to spend the evening with them, though I know they would have been happier without our late rally.

6. Konerko’s flying catch on the second-to-last out was a thing of beauty. But, it probably won’t make the highlight reel because, shockingly, it was actually overshadowed by the play he made on the last out. (It did make mlb.com [here].)

7. Which brings us to Thornton. Who, I admit, still makes me cringe with fear when I see him warming up in the pen. But, what was a solid outing on the mound (again, aided by a late-inning burst of defense) turned into a defensive play that probably bought him a little bit of confidence from some of the ChiSox faithful. Because, WHAT?! The 3-1 defensive play was ridiculous.

pk play.jpgI have said it before, and I will say it again. I would always rather see a game end on an awesome defensive play than a walk-off any day of the week. And, this 1-2 punch from Konerko is going right up with Lillibridge’s 1-2 punch from the series against the Yankees as some of my top moments of the season.

Drama-rama tonight. And, we manage to avoid heading back into a skid.

Go, White Sox!


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There is still good stuff about Chicago, Day 4. Or: May might be a very long month.

So, yes. We lost a no-hitter last night.

We lost an ugly no-hitter, even.

But, since I am determined to stay positive, there were good things about last night.

It might be a little bit sad that we lost such an ugly no-hitter, and it might be almost unbelievable that we lost a no hitter with better pitching than our opponent. But, we did.

Which is a good thing. Really. Hear me out.

So, the starting rotation is slumping (more or less). The bullpen is slumping (more or less). And, the offense and defense and the bats are slumping. But, for the first time in a long time, it wasn’t the pitching that was the problem.

It’s discouraging that you can pitch a better game and still lose a no-hitter, but it’s nice to see that our hurlers can still throw a pretty good ballgame. At least, to me, that’s still a positive. One less thing to try to fix.

I found a nice little wrap-up that sums things up nicely:

Batters faced: Minn = 30, ChiSox = 32
K-BB Ratio: Minn = 2-6. ChiSox = 4-1
Strike pct: Minn = 53.7, ChiSox = 66.1
1st-pitch strike pct: Minn =36.7, ChiSox = 59.4

So, instead of focusing on the ugly things about this game that allowed us to lose a no-hitter when our pitchers actually did get the job done, I’m going to focus on the fact that Jackson and Thornton (thank goodness, it was nice to see) did a pretty bang-up job. Unfortunately, they just got a little banged up, too.

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The positivity will have to come later. Or: WTF – the sequel.

I will be back with something positive to say later, because I can’t really totally react to the result of tonight’s ChiSox game yet because I didn’t actually see it for myself. And, I really am determined to be positive.

But, seriously? A freaking no-hitter? I don’t even know that there are words for the entire absurdity of this White Sox season. A pitcher with a losing record and an ERA over 9???

Honestly and for serious? Okay, so I might not have predicted a win, but I sure didn’t see this one coming.

I think all that I have to say can be summed up with: WTF?!


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WTF? Or: Dude. WTF?!

wtf.jpg Okay. So I was late getting home today.

I just turned on the Sox/Yankees game.

The Sox have 4 hits.

The Yankees have 0 hits.

The Yankees are winning 2-0.


I am not even sure that I want to know.

ETA: So, I just watched a half hour of this mess and I am wondering if I should just skip right over the Sox and find another game to watch. This is causing me physical pain.

ETA2: Switched over to Tampa/Minnesota. This can’t possibly be more painful. And, hey, maybe I’ll see some defense worth writing home about.

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1. Gavin Floyd. My faith in him was rewarded tonight. Again. Rock steady. Love it.

2. Oh, Matt Thornton… I don’t want to cringe every time they call you out of the bullpen. I know you’re probably not pleased about how things are going lately either, but please stop breaking my heart, yeah?

3. Speaking of closers, nice to see Santos out there again- though I suppose no small part was due to his defense, this time around. Even if AJ has to throw himself in front of a rather large percentage of his pitches, its another save for the books. Maybe by the middle of June we will no longer lead the AL in blown saves.

4. There were no commercials on the broadcast I was watching tonight (not sure why) so I got to see a lot of the White Sox dugout during commercials. The cameramen LOVED Gavin Floyd. And, also, AJ Pierzynski’s hair manages to stay remarkably spiked in spite of his batting helmet and his catcher’s mask. It’s really rather amazing.

lillibridge.jpg5. Can we give the save to Brent Lillibridge? Anyone who has been listening to me on twitter lately (and, a little bit here) has had to suffer through 2 weeks of me complaining about the lack of giving Lillibridge a chance in the OF. And, tonight he came through in a big way. TWICE. I unofficially give him the save – I don’t care that he’s not a pitcher. So, instead, I will give him a gold star. It’s almost as good, I’m sure.

I am going to dedicate an entire post to his display of defensive brilliance if mlb.com ever posts that footage because that was truly awesome. Rodriguez and Cano. A one-two punch that completely saved the game (and he whipped that first catch back to – I think -1B accurately, even after smashing into the wall). I will personally sew him a cape of his own if he keeps that up.

6. And, ps: everyone should go [here] and vote for the All-Star game. And, might I suggest that if you are aren’t attached a particular SS/2B/3B, I think you should write in for Omar Vizquel. Because I would love to see him there and I think he should have been on the voting list – but, then again, I am biased. And, clearly, it is all about me.

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And the heavens opened up. Or: Even Mother Nature is trying to drive me crazy.

If the drama isn’t coming from the bullpen, it’s coming from the skies.

Of course, just as we finish the fifth (with the boys down by 3), they call for the tarp. It looks like we’re headed into a rain delay at the end of just enough baseball to make the game official.

And, then they take so long getting the tarp that the rain lets up and we play almost another half of an inning. And, the rain starts to pour down again.

2 outs, Halos on first and third and they pull the tarp out for real this time. Looks like the Angels are going to be the team that breaks .600 by the morning.

All of this stress is almost enough to make someone want to defect to the National League.

Seriously, all I want for Christmas is an easy nine innings. No extra innings, no acts of weather, and no nuclear meltdowns in the bullpen. That’s it. (And, maybe a few more amazing grabs like the one JP had when he stole the homer from Abreu in the 5th.) Unfortunately for me, it’s not December.


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I think we’re taking “All In” a little too literally. Or: Everyone gets a participation ribbon tonight.

So, I guess I can stand behind “All In” as general concept, and it certainly makes for a snazzy catch phrase, but I don’t think that the Sox really needed to adopt it as a permanent game strategy.

RIB1-PAR.jpgSeriously, both of the bullpens at The Cell tonight seemed to have automatic revolving doors on them and it seemed like people were in danger of getting crushed if they didn’t keep moving through them. It was one of those games that remind me of the games I played as an 8-year-old where the lineup changed every inning so everyone got a chance to play.

Thank you, Alexei Ramirez. Thank you for stopping me from biting my nails down to the quick, thank you for allowing my heart rate to finally go back to normal, and thank you for finally allowing me to get go to bed so I am not a zombie at work all day tomorrow.

Bottom of the 10th, walk off home run. And he knew it was out of there the second his bat made contact with the ball, tossing his bat behind him and just watching the ball fly over the fence.


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Holy drama, batman! Or: We all knew this was coming.

So, what to say about the Rays/ChiSox today?

Well, it was all Chicago all the time until Sam Fuld decided (again) to show his teammates, his management, and pretty much everyone else in the world of MLB what he’s worth. A double which had him on base an in position to score, putting the Rays on the board (6-1). Really, the only hiccup in Gavin Floyd’s day was his throwing error (though, I would have to argue that he wasn’t alone in that one) that allowed Fuld to score.

And, then comes the drama. The score was (very briefly) 6-2 until the call on Johnson was reversed and his RBI (bringing Damon across home plate) didn’t count.

And, then Maddon got mad. Pun intended. He was pissed. He came out of the dugout red-faced and hand-waving in the familiar way. My lip-reading skills are amateur at best, but I saw an awful lot of bullsh*t getting thrown around in amongst the general flailing. I think he knew from the time he marched onto the field that he was going to yell until he got himself tossed from the game. It was a close call, an arguably an important one, so the dramatics weren’t unexpected.

But, I can’t help but wonder if at least 50% of Maddon’s ranting was letting out 7 games worth of frustration in a public venue. It’s been a rough start for them, really, and who could blame him? Unfortunately, it didn’t help his boys today.

However, aside from that aforementioned throwing error, this guy was having a pretty great day (and getting a reasonable amount of exercise, running back and forth to first):

Way to go, Gavin Floyd.

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