I think we’re taking “All In” a little too literally. Or: Everyone gets a participation ribbon tonight.

So, I guess I can stand behind “All In” as general concept, and it certainly makes for a snazzy catch phrase, but I don’t think that the Sox really needed to adopt it as a permanent game strategy.

RIB1-PAR.jpgSeriously, both of the bullpens at The Cell tonight seemed to have automatic revolving doors on them and it seemed like people were in danger of getting crushed if they didn’t keep moving through them. It was one of those games that remind me of the games I played as an 8-year-old where the lineup changed every inning so everyone got a chance to play.

Thank you, Alexei Ramirez. Thank you for stopping me from biting my nails down to the quick, thank you for allowing my heart rate to finally go back to normal, and thank you for finally allowing me to get go to bed so I am not a zombie at work all day tomorrow.

Bottom of the 10th, walk off home run. And he knew it was out of there the second his bat made contact with the ball, tossing his bat behind him and just watching the ball fly over the fence.


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