And the heavens opened up. Or: Even Mother Nature is trying to drive me crazy.

If the drama isn’t coming from the bullpen, it’s coming from the skies.

Of course, just as we finish the fifth (with the boys down by 3), they call for the tarp. It looks like we’re headed into a rain delay at the end of just enough baseball to make the game official.

And, then they take so long getting the tarp that the rain lets up and we play almost another half of an inning. And, the rain starts to pour down again.

2 outs, Halos on first and third and they pull the tarp out for real this time. Looks like the Angels are going to be the team that breaks .600 by the morning.

All of this stress is almost enough to make someone want to defect to the National League.

Seriously, all I want for Christmas is an easy nine innings. No extra innings, no acts of weather, and no nuclear meltdowns in the bullpen. That’s it. (And, maybe a few more amazing grabs like the one JP had when he stole the homer from Abreu in the 5th.) Unfortunately for me, it’s not December.


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One response to “And the heavens opened up. Or: Even Mother Nature is trying to drive me crazy.

  1. wastedyears

    It is tough to watch your favorite team struggle but look at it this way – the Indians are in first place right now. The Indians are playing out-of-their-minds good and it will not last (and this is coming from an Indians fan). I still think this division is going to be Chicago, Detroit, Minny come September. Good luck!!

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