Thank heavens for the long ball. Or: Even a sort-of ugly win is still a win.

Ladies and gentlemen, this:

Is Brent Morel.

He plays third base for the Chicago White Sox and he would like to make sure that you are all aware that he is not just “the other Brent” on the South Side.

Seriously. Mark Buehrle pitched a solid game. Carlos Quentin hit a 3-run homer to (FINALLY!!!) get us out of an inning without leaving the bases full(AGAIN). Brent Lillibridge hits yet another home run (why is there never anyone on base when he does that?), Adam Dunn *finally* gets a hit against a left-handed pitcher (0-40 no more!), Juan Pierre makes an awesome running catch (to help Matt Thornton out of a jam. He was more happy about that in his post-game interview – he still remembers dropping those fly balls that cost Matt some save opportunities in April – than about his HR) and then follows it up with his first HR of the season (he looked like he couldn’t believe it, either!). And, a showy 4-out-save from El Matador (ie: Sergio Santos).

And, yet, it takes all of that combined to equal the awesomeness that was Brent Morel this evening. 3 separate web gems at 3B and also going 3-for-4?

There’s a new Brent in town, y’all.

This game was a bit messy: Team RISP: 2-for-12 and Team LOB: 10. Bases loaded, no-one out more than once and we couldn’t get anyone across the plate. 5 of our 6 runs came on home-runs (3-run, solo HR, solo HR), and the other came off a rookie error from the Detroit pitcher. It was a bit frustrating.

But, a win is a win. A win for us, a loss for the Tigers (snapping our losing-streak against them!), a loss for Cleveland and a loss for KC???! Everything went our way in the standings today, and I will most certainly take it.


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3 responses to “Thank heavens for the long ball. Or: Even a sort-of ugly win is still a win.

  1. Yes, ugly, semi-ugly, plain or all kinds of hawt, a W is still a W and thank goodness for that. Brent Morel now too? I’ve got to check out those highlight reels when I get back in home. It’s official, Chicago is home to the flying, diving, death defying Brent Brothers.
    — Kristen

    • lol The Brent Brothers. So obvious it’s genius :P I love it.
      – Anders (The Hitless Wonders)

    • I hope they put up Lillibridge’s crowd-surfing play from tonight, because he’s really trying to earn that nickname. :) And, yeah, if you remember (to look up Brent Morel’s defense), it was definitely the Brent Morel highlight hour on defense yesterday (with a very honorable mention going to Juan Piere, but he loses the contest just based on sheer quantity).
      Tragically, today’s game was very different than yesterday and, an ugly L is still an L. But, onward we go tomorrow.

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