The White Sox have good utility players, too. Or: Fine, Brent Lillibridge, I will write a post about you, too.

First things first. We won today. It was a messy, messy game with a billion White Sox stranded on base and weird strike-outs and questionable calls (for both teams, from pretty much everyone but the guy at third), but we somehow pulled it out.

Brett Ballantini sums it up way better than I can:

We *still* can’t buy John Danks any run support, but between his quality outing, Jesse Crain forcefully closing the door (he didn’t get to slam it tonight, the strike zone that was randomly re-drawn for every pitch gave him some trouble), Ramon Castro continuing to be one of the best back-up catchers anywhere in the game, and Brent Lillibridge being, well, Brent Lillibridge, we didn’t get sucked back into the losing vaccuum. He legitimately robbed a go-ahead 2-run homer from Coco Crisp in the 8th.

Clearly, after my earlier post about the Blue Jays “super utility man”, Brent wanted to make sure that he wasn’t lost in the shuffle.

Another one for the highlight reel. As usual, click on the photo to watch the video.

I don’t want to speak too soon, but if he keeps this up (along with his speed on base and if he can cut down on the strikeouts a little), he’s going to be one of those guys that earns regular playing time by his ability to prevent runs, rather than score them.

But, again, a messy win is still a win. And, since Cleveland lost, but Minnesota and Detroit won, I’ll take it.

0.500, here we come! (Eventually!)

Go Sox!


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3 responses to “The White Sox have good utility players, too. Or: Fine, Brent Lillibridge, I will write a post about you, too.

  1. Hooray for wins, whatever their level of attractiveness or lack thereof. Lillibridge is very impressive. Robbing Crisp of a homerun is no mean feat.
    — Kristen

    • I just hope we can scrape our act together for our 3 games against Minnesota. They’re on a hot streak, so relying on other people’s mistakes isn’t going to keep working. Divisioal rivalries are always so stressful! :)

      And, re: Brent Lillibridge. I think he’s just trying to turn my “White Sox Defense Highlight Reel” into the “Brent Lillibridge Highlight Hour”.

      But, as long as he keeps doing it when it really matters, I’ll talke it.

    • Also, if I had a dollar for every typo in that comment… :)

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