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Ow. Or: No, really. OW.

advil.jpg Well.

That could have gone better.


We didn’t even wait until the 9th for it to all fall apart tonight. Just a long, slow, steady downward tumble today.

All I have to say is that I hope we break-in this line-up before the end of April. Get all of the kinks and issues ironed out before we dig ourselves into a hole that we can’t get out of.

Tonight, I am breaking out the advil, because this one hurt.

aj-gavin.jpgI think I should also probably pass a couple of them to AJ Pierzynski, who is probably going to be a little bruised tomorrow morning after throwing himself into the path of the oncoming train more than a few times tonight.

Which brings us to the pitching staff (because everything does, these days). Oh, Gavin. Gavin, Gavin, Gavin. Why did you insist on breaking my heart tonight? I’m not giving up on you (its going to take a lot more than a couple of disappointing starts for that), but next time, take a few deep breaths and stop getting ahead of yourself. It’s only April, the season is young. Don’t worry yourself into being your own worst enemy.

I don’t really have anything more eloquent to say tonight.

Hats off to the Halos tonight. Well played, gentlemen. Well played.

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And, the rain continues to fall. Or: Here we go again.

Well, it seems like the entire east coast is wet, soggy, cold and miserable.


Even the games that aren’t delayed or postponed seem to be going on with some less than desirable weather. Not exactly a fun afternoon at the ballpark for anyone east of Chicago today.

They (whoever “they” are) tell me that the Sox are still expected to play starting at the top of the hour. So, maybe we are in for another game like last night. Rain coming down for pretty much the whole game, raging winds, the Halos bundled up in their fleeces, and 2 separate rain delays.

We didn’t play terribly (at least, there was nothing epically terrible to complain about – we were kind of just generally blah) all things considered, but it didn’t work out so well for us yesterday and I’m not all that eager to relive it today.

So, click [here] for a not-quite-family-friendly picture that sums up how I feel about the rain situation today.

So, for the moment, I just finished up the Reds/Pirates game (I hope Juan Francisco can walk off whatever was causing him to hop to first in the bottom of the 8th) and now I’m killing time with Rays/Twins. A roof is looking like a good thing right about now, because no matter what “they” say – the weather looks pretty miserable and I’m not holding my breath.

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