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And the pendulum swings the other way. Or: Snapping a losing streak.

pendulum.jpgIs the momentum shifting, finally? Oh, I certainly hope so. It’s been rather depressing to not only be losing, but to be practically giving things away. It is very possible that, given the quality of the Rays’ and Angels’ roster, we still would have lost even if we were playing better. But, at least we might have looked better doing it.

I really hope that tonight might be a little bit of momentum swinging in the other direction. But, I said it after a loss and it’s just as true after a win. It’s still only April. There’s still a lot of ball to play.

I was thrilled (as I said earlier) to have Omar Vizquel in the starting line-up tonight. I was watching the Fox broadcast and the Tampa announcers were spouting some pretty ridiculous stats about the difference in wins and losses and hitting percentages when he’s in the starting line up v. when he’s not – in past seasons.

And, really, I am wondering (casually, because I didn’t do the research) if the same would hold true this season. I’m biased in his favor because, essentially, he’s a rock star and there’s no telling me any different. He is a walking, talking highlight reel. And, more than that, he’s pretty darned consistent and we could sure use some of that floating around right now.

It was also nice to see Gavin (thank you for not disappointing my faith in you) Floyd and the rest of the pitchers hold it together. It’s a nice feeling to have more good things than bad things that I want to say about the game for a change, but I’ll spare you the re-hashing of the game just to satisfy my own whim. Instead, I will leave you with a small Omar Vizquel highlight reel in photographic form.


I then tuned into the Indians/Royals and arrived just in time to see Getz steal 2nd and get landed on (pretty solidly, there will probably be footprints on his back tomorrow) by Everett. And, then watch him steal third to get into position to get the Royals on the board for the first time off of Francoeur’s single in the bottom of the 8th. Pretty exciting final inning at that game tonight – moreso if you’re a KC fan, watching them pull it out in the bottom of the 9th.

Now over to the OtherSox/Angels game, scoreless in the third. Time to enjoy some West Coast ball.

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Oh, right. Baseball is fun. Or: OOOMAR!

omar-vizquel.jpgI am going to say it. I don’t care if we are only in the 4th inning and the Rays have just scored twice to bring the game closer, 5-2 ChiSox (I won’t lie, it feels nice to type that). It honestly doesn’t matter (to me) what happens from here for the rest of the game. There has been pitching (when Gavin remembers to breathe), there has been defense, and there has been offense – from both sides (but that’s not new for the Rays these days).

Also, I have been obnoxiously whining to anyone who will listen (and even to people who won’t) that I’ve wanted Omar Vizquel to start (because he is amazing) and he’s in the line-up tonight and he’s sure earning his salary tonight. I also wanted to see Lillibridge in the line-up (remember home run 10,000 anyone???), but I’m not going to be picky.

There’s been some great stuff from the Rays tonight, with pretty much every inning ending with Fuld catching something (sometimes while having a conversation with the security guards) in left field, and it’s nice to see Johnny Damon’s smiling face back in the lineup (even if he ends up being the death of us tonight!)

It’s not perfect. But, thank goodness. It’s (so far) a good game and ChiSox baseball is fun again tonight.


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