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Home again, home again. Or: April is almost over.

homesweethome.jpg Back home again.

It was a long road trip and, to be honest, there were times where it seemed like it was never going to end and it just seemed to be stretching on forever.

But, the Sox are finally done and are set to take on the Orioles at the cell.

So, back home @ The Cell.

And, hey, the team we are playing is last in their division compared to the ChiSox, who are actually not last in their division.

That could almost be mistaken for providing a glimmer of hope.

1. The Orioles still have a better W/L record than we do.

2. They are last in the AL East. That is really self-explanatory.

3. We are only 4th because Minnesota is doing worse than we are. Not because we are a comparitively better team (however, we are still staying close to them).

4. Their probable pitcher tonight might have a higher ERA than ours, but he’s actually managed to win a game this season. And, in order to score, the ChiSox have to actually earn some runs.

So, really, I’m still waiting for something to light a fire under the butts of this team. Because I want to have something to get excited about.

And, there’s only one more day in April and there’s less and less baseball left to play. So, any time the boys want to show us what they *should* be capable of, I’d love to see it.

Come on, boys. Let’s try to start his homestand off on the right foot.


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