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Okay. Power of positive thinking. Or: Go team, go!

pomspoms.gif Alright. Here we go.

Last chance to salvage a couple of more good memories in April.

It’s windy and wild and generally ominous outside.

It’s hard to not to have pre-emptive similar feelings on the inside as we get started at The Cell.

I’m employing the power of positive thinking and wishing for good defense tonight. I’m not wishing for everything else – I’m wiling to start somewhere.

Tonight’s line up was good on paper when the season started. But, today, it might be pretty shaky.

Alright, here we go.


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It’s only April for one more day. Or: Is it time to panic yet?

panic button.jpg So, I guess that being stuck at work and only catching bits and pieces of the action on Gameday was probably an advantage last night.

I can’t believe that the entire AL Central is standing on its head and it’s like the whole division is topsy-turvy.

I think that I have no idea what to think anymore and I have no idea what is going on.

The White Sox have one day to lose get their butts in gear before I officially fire up the panic button. We only have so long to rely on things getting better and the longer it takes, the more discouraged I am going to get. They have one more day to drop balls and flub plays and chase wild pitches and just generally look like they have no idea what they’re doing while I am still going to forgive them.

After today, all bets are off.

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