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Lather, rinse, and repeat. Or: Close, but still not enough.

So close, and yet still so far. Story of this homestand, really.

After a particularly well-played series by the Angels and a rather underwhelming series (with the occasional bright spot – today, AJ Pierzynski and Alexei Ramirez sure showed up to play and I think Jesse Crain was trying to formally audition for the role of closer.) from the ChiSox, April is proving to be a bumpy ride and we officially have a losing record.

Olympic-rings.gifHowever, as of today, I have officially withdrawn myself from participation in the over-reaction Olympics. I’ve been training hard, but I think its time to pull back a little.

I hereby do solemnly promise to stop worrying about the rest of the season until at least the end of April. Instead, I am going to take it day-by-day and give them a couple of weeks testing out the waters and getting comfortable.

Why? Because….

road trip.jpg

Tomorrow takes the boys in black to Tampa (which will at least save me the effort of flipping to the Tampa game during the commercials. Tampa has somehow wormed its way onto my radar. And, while I’m enjoying it, I would be happier if they weren’t in the AL with the Sox. But, I guess that was bound to happen, with my AL-centric viewing pattern.), followed by trips to Detroit and New York. Ten games in ten days, I hope we can get some momentum. Which also takes us to the end of the month and the end of my self-imposed embargo on hitting the panic button.

Maybe getting the heck out of Dodge with different crowds, a different atmosphere, and different weather will inspire some change.


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