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Credit where credit is due, Or: Wow.

It’s a lot easier for me to be complimentary about someone on the opposing team when the sox still came out with the W against Tampa today.

I’m new, so I doubt there is anyone reading this, but just for the record, I have a deep abiding love of the outfield – especially right outfielders – and sometimes people like to give me heat for it.

But, come on. There are almost no words for how awesome this was, no matter which team you were pulling for today and whether you, like me, love the outfielders or really couldn’t care less.


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Day late and a dollar short… Or: Better late than never.

Well, by only starting this blog last night, I missed the start to the season and was a day late for the home opener and I arrived just in time to start blogging for the April 8 game v. Tampa.

Seriously???  Awesome timing. Really. 

In a blackout area, I had to follow the game (again) at mlb.com, scoresline.com and via SMS on my cellphone. Not cool, people, not cool.

It’s much easier to watch highlights and lowlights and keep up with the action when my cellphone doesn’t blow up in the top of the ninth with all of the wrong kind of action.

Break my heart, why don’t you?

Let’s take a moment and focus on the good, yeah?


Love your outfielders, people.

And, today is a new day.

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