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New town… Will anything change? Or: And, the road trip continues.

So, one of the blessings of having easter dinner with a house full of people that are Blue Jays, Red Sox, and Pirates fans, is that – since I lost the fight for the remote – I didn’t have to watch the sweep that took place in Detroit today. I read a little bit about it online (as much as I could stand to) and, ugh.

The downside was all of the teasing that I had to endure about the White Sox and their rather abysmal season.

Well, you win some, you lose some.

So, the road trip continues tomorrow and, I really hope that things get better.

However, I’m worried that we’re going to end up seeing more of the same.

devil hates us.JPG

[image links to the original location at http://macleodcartoons.blogspot.com%5D

This was originally posted by a Red Sox fan after a loss to the Yankees, but I think the sentiment applies and I really hope that it is not prophetic.

Happy Easter, y’all.

I hope things look brighter for the Sox tomorrow. It is still April and – even though it takes more and more effort every day – I can still be glass half full for at least a few more days.

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Happy birthday Omar and Happy Easter everyone. Or: My glass is half full today.

Happy Birthday Omar Vizquel!

I love me some Omar Vizquel (obviously), and I hope that he has a very happy birthday. If he wanted to play, I’m glad he’s in the starting line-up, and if he didn’t, I hope that he still has a good day anyway.

Also, to everyone else, happy Easter/Sunday/Chocolate Day/day where you are not at work/day full of baseball games (pick whichever applies to you).

And, obviously, my telepathy made it to Detroit today, because the starting line up is all sorts of random today. Pierre7, Vizquel4, Quentin9, DunnDH, Ramirez6, AJ2, Teahen3, Lillibridge8, Morel5 with Danks pitching. It’s weird and wonderful and it will be strange not to have Konerko out there, considering he’s been such a fixture recently, but everyone deserves a day of rest and I look forward to seeing him back out there in NYC.

In honor of Omar’s birthday, I’ve woken up on the optimistic side of the bed today and my glass is half full. (And, depending on how the day goes, it may be a wine glass and it may be half full multiple times today.)

I hope that the boys can pull it out today. For Omar, for themselves, and even a little bit for us.


Go, team!

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Second verse, same as the first. Or: Ignorance is bliss.

So, I was out of town today and – from the inning-by-inning text updates that were making their way to my cell phone throughout the afternoon – it seemed like a good day NOT to be watching the White Sox play. The score seemed so scary that I’m afraid to even read the recaps today, now that I’m home.

Now, in the spirt of not dwelling on the fact that the White Sox got their butts totally whipped today in Detroit, I will spend exactly one sentence reiterating that I still think the starting line-up and batting order could benefit from an extreme makeover (even if only temporarily) and then I will move along, because – sadly – no one from the White Sox organization has asked my opinion on the starting line-up.

Let’s move along to happier things, shall we?


Like oceans. And mountains. And sunshine.

And, instead of ranting and raving and generally waving my hands around dramatically about the current sad state of affairs that is the Chicago White Sox, I am going to remain calm and hope that tomorrow brings something better. I’d say it couldn’t get worse, but at the moment, I’m not going to tempt fate.

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