Happy birthday Omar and Happy Easter everyone. Or: My glass is half full today.

Happy Birthday Omar Vizquel!

I love me some Omar Vizquel (obviously), and I hope that he has a very happy birthday. If he wanted to play, I’m glad he’s in the starting line-up, and if he didn’t, I hope that he still has a good day anyway.

Also, to everyone else, happy Easter/Sunday/Chocolate Day/day where you are not at work/day full of baseball games (pick whichever applies to you).

And, obviously, my telepathy made it to Detroit today, because the starting line up is all sorts of random today. Pierre7, Vizquel4, Quentin9, DunnDH, Ramirez6, AJ2, Teahen3, Lillibridge8, Morel5 with Danks pitching. It’s weird and wonderful and it will be strange not to have Konerko out there, considering he’s been such a fixture recently, but everyone deserves a day of rest and I look forward to seeing him back out there in NYC.

In honor of Omar’s birthday, I’ve woken up on the optimistic side of the bed today and my glass is half full. (And, depending on how the day goes, it may be a wine glass and it may be half full multiple times today.)

I hope that the boys can pull it out today. For Omar, for themselves, and even a little bit for us.


Go, team!

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One response to “Happy birthday Omar and Happy Easter everyone. Or: My glass is half full today.

  1. Catherine

    Yay! Glass half-full! I chose not to blog about all the misery yesterday either…there’s really not much to say ;)
    Happy Birthday to Omar!

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