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What’s awesome about the White Sox, Day One. Or: May – a whole new ball game.

So, April is finally over and my moratorium on over-reacting should be over as well. However, this “not getting so worked up over everything” dealio that I had going on for April is kind of working for me these days. And, also, I don’t know when thngs are going to change, so I should really just concetrating on trying to enjoy what there is to enjoy.

I’m going to enjoy the rest of this season, whatever it brings. The slump can’t last forever (hypothetically) and I’m pretty excited about the games I’m going to later this month, so I’m determined that May is going to be a month that is all about good stuff.. (And, okay, maybe a bit of griping – I am only human, after all.) But, like tonight, it is easier to be positive when you didn’t have to watch the negative stuff live-as-it-happened. And, besides, being there when the slump turns around is pretty darned exciting, too.

charliebrown-baseball-homerun.jpgAnd, as such, I have decided that, win or lose, I’m going to post something that is awesome about the White Sox. Every day (hopefully!) I am going to try to pick one thing that is great. And, maybe I will even get to give out some more gold stars. Because I love the team and the game and I am going to make it fun again – even if this season stays a little painful. Because I really am not defecting for Tampa Bay (though it is tempting to hop on the bandwagon) or the National League and I’m sticking with the Sox.

So, Day One: Starting with something from the archives. Omar Vizquel and career hit #2800 (April 3, 2011) – [click here]
Man, I hope he gets to 3,000. One more step on the road to Cooperstown. (And, y’all can’t tell me any different. :) )

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