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I wish I had blogged yesterday. Or: Looks like the Angels are back in town tonight.

So, I missed the first 8 innings of last night’s game after falling into a sleep so deep that it was practically a coma. So, naturally, I missed all of the fun and excitement. Which is too bad, since there is not a lot of excitement, and also not terrible amounts of fun to be had while being a White Sox fan watching tonight’s game.

(Edited after the game to say: Okay, I changed my mind. As long as he’s not hurt, AJ Pierzynski’s never-ending endless foul balls off of himself and the home plate umpire was kind of entertaining. The crowd reaction and the look that AJ shot into the camera the second time he whacked himself in the foot was actually rather amusing. Although, the camera then followed him into the dugout after he struck out and there was not a lot of fun going on in there. I hope that is not a sign of things to come.)

1. The AT&T Multiview makes me nauseous.
2. I seem to have an even lower tolerance for the announcing than I usually do.
3. The bats are cooling off a little – which, okay, fine… that’s not so bad in and of itself, but when the pitching’s cooling off at the same time, it hurts more when we go down swinging. Literally. Swinging into SOs, DPs, and fly-outs. So, ugh.
4. Not particular to this game, but watching everyone and their mother successfully steal pretty much every base they attempt is getting a bit old. I can’t remember any time that we caught someone stealing, though rumor has it that it has happened once or twice.
5. I think I just watched Brent Morel totally miss a catch. Like, completely. It was kind of amazing, actually.

The Angels aren’t really giving us any wiggle room tonight, and they seem to be consistently finding every gap in the field (of which it seems like there’s about 5 or 6 more than there usually is). They’re too tough of a ballclub for us to cool off against and they’re taking advantage of it – not that they’d have to try terribly hard tonight.

So, today’s positive thing. Because even though I seem to be in a cranky mood today, and some of our pitching might have left something to be desired, I still have things I like about these boys.

Firstly, I think Jeff Gray is trying to get some more points on [Anders’ Bullpen Leaderboard].

And, secondly, this:

That’s pretty groovy and, really, nothing to complain about at all.

Tomorrow is a new day. And, a pretty exciting one at that.

(And, sure, if I’m still hoping for a miracle tonight, I bet I’m not the only one. :) )

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