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There is still good stuff about Chicago, Day 4. Or: May might be a very long month.

So, yes. We lost a no-hitter last night.

We lost an ugly no-hitter, even.

But, since I am determined to stay positive, there were good things about last night.

It might be a little bit sad that we lost such an ugly no-hitter, and it might be almost unbelievable that we lost a no hitter with better pitching than our opponent. But, we did.

Which is a good thing. Really. Hear me out.

So, the starting rotation is slumping (more or less). The bullpen is slumping (more or less). And, the offense and defense and the bats are slumping. But, for the first time in a long time, it wasn’t the pitching that was the problem.

It’s discouraging that you can pitch a better game and still lose a no-hitter, but it’s nice to see that our hurlers can still throw a pretty good ballgame. At least, to me, that’s still a positive. One less thing to try to fix.

I found a nice little wrap-up that sums things up nicely:

Batters faced: Minn = 30, ChiSox = 32
K-BB Ratio: Minn = 2-6. ChiSox = 4-1
Strike pct: Minn = 53.7, ChiSox = 66.1
1st-pitch strike pct: Minn =36.7, ChiSox = 59.4

So, instead of focusing on the ugly things about this game that allowed us to lose a no-hitter when our pitchers actually did get the job done, I’m going to focus on the fact that Jackson and Thornton (thank goodness, it was nice to see) did a pretty bang-up job. Unfortunately, they just got a little banged up, too.

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The positivity will have to come later. Or: WTF – the sequel.

I will be back with something positive to say later, because I can’t really totally react to the result of tonight’s ChiSox game yet because I didn’t actually see it for myself. And, I really am determined to be positive.

But, seriously? A freaking no-hitter? I don’t even know that there are words for the entire absurdity of this White Sox season. A pitcher with a losing record and an ERA over 9???

Honestly and for serious? Okay, so I might not have predicted a win, but I sure didn’t see this one coming.

I think all that I have to say can be summed up with: WTF?!


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