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We’re getting spoiled. Or: This can’t last forever. Unfortunately.

Two great games at home. FINALLY.

And, now the Dodgers are in town. Historically, interleague play has been good to the ChiSox.

And, one of my favorite utility players is on the Dodgers. On the surface, this may sound like a good thing.

However, we’re only in the bottom of the 2nd and Jamey Carroll has already hit himself a double, which meant he was on base for Matt Kemp’s HR and now we’re down 2-0.

Damn you, Jamey Carroll! :) *fist of fury*

But, there’s a lot of game left to play and I’m not giving up yet. Our bats have been reasonably warm, so who knows! Anything can happen. And, especially this year, it often does.

(I am, however, going to go back to work and keep up with the happenings on GameDay… What did I do before the internet?!)

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