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Another win in Boston. Or: Too close for comfort.

Well, there was some great stuff tonight. Alexei was a machine on both offense and defense tonight (though, I’d still like to see him wallop one over the green monster this series), Beckham and AJ both coming up big, Chris Sale coming in for the last out of the game (in what should never have been a save situation) and providing a solid 3-pitch strikeout that brought back memories of his solid 3-innings of relief in Toronto, and – as usual – Phil Humber, just quietly and efficiently going out there and pitching solid 7 innings of work. He continues to make everyone in White Sox management continue to scratch their heads over what on earth they are going to do with the 6-man rotation. Extra bonus points for consistency.

I gather that there wasn’t much said about it on the Chicago broadcast, but I had the Boston feed and they were convinced there was fan interference on a weird play in the bottom of the 9th with 2 out. There was a catch that Lillibridge missed in the RF corner (though, props to him for a monster single that would have been a HR in any other park and was only a few inches short at Fenway), that they replayed about 15 times (THANKS FOR RUBBING IT IN!) and it was definitely the wrong call. A fan definitely touched the ball. But, after 15 viewings from 3 different angles, there was no way of telling out which side of the wall the interference was on. It should have been either a dead ball or a home run, but even the Boston announcers weren’t willing to be indignant on the Red Sox behalf. Instant replay? No help here.

And, all I am going to say about the 10-2 ballgame that became a 10-7 ballgame?

The bullpen happened.

Another in the win column and one more chance tomorrow. Go (White) Sox!

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