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Okay. Power of positive thinking. Or: Go team, go!

pomspoms.gif Alright. Here we go.

Last chance to salvage a couple of more good memories in April.

It’s windy and wild and generally ominous outside.

It’s hard to not to have pre-emptive similar feelings on the inside as we get started at The Cell.

I’m employing the power of positive thinking and wishing for good defense tonight. I’m not wishing for everything else – I’m wiling to start somewhere.

Tonight’s line up was good on paper when the season started. But, today, it might be pretty shaky.

Alright, here we go.


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It’s only April for one more day. Or: Is it time to panic yet?

panic button.jpg So, I guess that being stuck at work and only catching bits and pieces of the action on Gameday was probably an advantage last night.

I can’t believe that the entire AL Central is standing on its head and it’s like the whole division is topsy-turvy.

I think that I have no idea what to think anymore and I have no idea what is going on.

The White Sox have one day to lose get their butts in gear before I officially fire up the panic button. We only have so long to rely on things getting better and the longer it takes, the more discouraged I am going to get. They have one more day to drop balls and flub plays and chase wild pitches and just generally look like they have no idea what they’re doing while I am still going to forgive them.

After today, all bets are off.

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Home again, home again. Or: April is almost over.

homesweethome.jpg Back home again.

It was a long road trip and, to be honest, there were times where it seemed like it was never going to end and it just seemed to be stretching on forever.

But, the Sox are finally done and are set to take on the Orioles at the cell.

So, back home @ The Cell.

And, hey, the team we are playing is last in their division compared to the ChiSox, who are actually not last in their division.

That could almost be mistaken for providing a glimmer of hope.

1. The Orioles still have a better W/L record than we do.

2. They are last in the AL East. That is really self-explanatory.

3. We are only 4th because Minnesota is doing worse than we are. Not because we are a comparitively better team (however, we are still staying close to them).

4. Their probable pitcher tonight might have a higher ERA than ours, but he’s actually managed to win a game this season. And, in order to score, the ChiSox have to actually earn some runs.

So, really, I’m still waiting for something to light a fire under the butts of this team. Because I want to have something to get excited about.

And, there’s only one more day in April and there’s less and less baseball left to play. So, any time the boys want to show us what they *should* be capable of, I’d love to see it.

Come on, boys. Let’s try to start his homestand off on the right foot.


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WTF? Or: Dude. WTF?!

wtf.jpg Okay. So I was late getting home today.

I just turned on the Sox/Yankees game.

The Sox have 4 hits.

The Yankees have 0 hits.

The Yankees are winning 2-0.


I am not even sure that I want to know.

ETA: So, I just watched a half hour of this mess and I am wondering if I should just skip right over the Sox and find another game to watch. This is causing me physical pain.

ETA2: Switched over to Tampa/Minnesota. This can’t possibly be more painful. And, hey, maybe I’ll see some defense worth writing home about.

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Winning streak ends at two. Or: The good and the bad, but nothing really ugly.

1. I still haven’t gotten over the events of yesterday. So, I am going to link to a video that contains both of the much hyped-about catches.

His expressions (he knew exactly how perfectly-timed those plays were) and his excited fist-pump the second that he made the second catch were pretty awesome to watch. Way to make the most of your time in the game.

And, I am also going to link to a rather amusing article about someone hacking Lillibridge’s wikipedia page – which is how you know that you’ve “made it”. [click here]

Seriously, we have had so much late-inning drama in all of the games where we’ve actually been in contention to win, it was nice for the drama to go our way and not have to endure – at worst – a disappointing loss and – at best – another inning or more of drama.

And, also, give me a game that ends on a spectacular piece of defense over a walk-off homer any day of the week.

2. In regards to today’s game, I missed the first inning and a half and, as such, missed pretty much everything that happened in the game. I missed Ozzie getting tossed, I missed Buehrle’s early struggles that led to the 3-run homer and I came back just in time to watch 5 innings that were, essentially, a pitcher’s duel. (And, due to a ridiculous lack of sleep lately, I may or may not have fallen asleep about 2 batters before Jesse Crain came in. Sad for me, since I have really enjoyed watching him pitch lately and would have liked to see it.) And, sadly, there was nothing more to be done and, aside from a single RBI courtesy of Adam Dunn, there really wasn’t any more action. From either side.

There were a few times where we left runners in scoring position (the time with the bases loaded was particularly painful), and yeah, the offense could be better those times. But, there was something remarkable about tonight’s loss. We didn’t win, which is disappointing, but we didn’t really have an active role in giving the game away. To me, anyway, it just felt like a normal, run-of-the-mill, every day loss and not like another team crushed us and then wiped the floor with us afterwards.

And, honestly? Today’s type of losses aren’t nearly as painful to me. It happens sometimes. You win some, you lose some. And, hopefuly we’ll do better tomorrow.

3. It’s snowing in Minnesota and they’re postponed in Chicago? And, I thought the recent weather in Chicago was going to be the last time I saw the players bundled up on the field. That’s nuts.

I think *everyone* is going to be happy when April is over.


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1. Gavin Floyd. My faith in him was rewarded tonight. Again. Rock steady. Love it.

2. Oh, Matt Thornton… I don’t want to cringe every time they call you out of the bullpen. I know you’re probably not pleased about how things are going lately either, but please stop breaking my heart, yeah?

3. Speaking of closers, nice to see Santos out there again- though I suppose no small part was due to his defense, this time around. Even if AJ has to throw himself in front of a rather large percentage of his pitches, its another save for the books. Maybe by the middle of June we will no longer lead the AL in blown saves.

4. There were no commercials on the broadcast I was watching tonight (not sure why) so I got to see a lot of the White Sox dugout during commercials. The cameramen LOVED Gavin Floyd. And, also, AJ Pierzynski’s hair manages to stay remarkably spiked in spite of his batting helmet and his catcher’s mask. It’s really rather amazing.

lillibridge.jpg5. Can we give the save to Brent Lillibridge? Anyone who has been listening to me on twitter lately (and, a little bit here) has had to suffer through 2 weeks of me complaining about the lack of giving Lillibridge a chance in the OF. And, tonight he came through in a big way. TWICE. I unofficially give him the save – I don’t care that he’s not a pitcher. So, instead, I will give him a gold star. It’s almost as good, I’m sure.

I am going to dedicate an entire post to his display of defensive brilliance if ever posts that footage because that was truly awesome. Rodriguez and Cano. A one-two punch that completely saved the game (and he whipped that first catch back to – I think -1B accurately, even after smashing into the wall). I will personally sew him a cape of his own if he keeps that up.

6. And, ps: everyone should go [here] and vote for the All-Star game. And, might I suggest that if you are aren’t attached a particular SS/2B/3B, I think you should write in for Omar Vizquel. Because I would love to see him there and I think he should have been on the voting list – but, then again, I am biased. And, clearly, it is all about me.

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I almost forget how to write an entry after a win. Or: !!!!!

I am so out of practice with how to write a blog after a win that I almost don’t know what to say. Mostly, I’m just happy that I get to use my winning tag instead of my losing tag.

It was an exciting night at Yankee Stadium (for the southside): Humber carrying his no-hitter into the 7th, good defense, good offense, and some solid outings by the bullpen. It was nice to see the pinch running grabbing that insurance run (Good to see you again, Brent Lillibridge!), that 3-6-1 double play in the 9th and just some of the utter randomness we witnessed tonight. Like Ramirez’s infield fly-ball single – say what?! – that you kind of had to see to believe. I was actally surprised that there was no way to get that down as an error. I hope puts up a copy of that at some point.

happydance.jpgI don’t even care that the amount of excitement I am feeling over actually winning a game is a little excessive. We’ve had a rough go of it lately – I’ll take all the good I can get.

Now we just have to figure out how to do this two days in a row.

And, tomorrow, I will be sitting at home, trying to use the power of my mind to *will* Gavin Floyd to remember to keep breathing and try to stay calm. He can do it, as long as he doesn’t beat himself.


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New town… Will anything change? Or: And, the road trip continues.

So, one of the blessings of having easter dinner with a house full of people that are Blue Jays, Red Sox, and Pirates fans, is that – since I lost the fight for the remote – I didn’t have to watch the sweep that took place in Detroit today. I read a little bit about it online (as much as I could stand to) and, ugh.

The downside was all of the teasing that I had to endure about the White Sox and their rather abysmal season.

Well, you win some, you lose some.

So, the road trip continues tomorrow and, I really hope that things get better.

However, I’m worried that we’re going to end up seeing more of the same.

devil hates us.JPG

[image links to the original location at

This was originally posted by a Red Sox fan after a loss to the Yankees, but I think the sentiment applies and I really hope that it is not prophetic.

Happy Easter, y’all.

I hope things look brighter for the Sox tomorrow. It is still April and – even though it takes more and more effort every day – I can still be glass half full for at least a few more days.

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Happy birthday Omar and Happy Easter everyone. Or: My glass is half full today.

Happy Birthday Omar Vizquel!

I love me some Omar Vizquel (obviously), and I hope that he has a very happy birthday. If he wanted to play, I’m glad he’s in the starting line-up, and if he didn’t, I hope that he still has a good day anyway.

Also, to everyone else, happy Easter/Sunday/Chocolate Day/day where you are not at work/day full of baseball games (pick whichever applies to you).

And, obviously, my telepathy made it to Detroit today, because the starting line up is all sorts of random today. Pierre7, Vizquel4, Quentin9, DunnDH, Ramirez6, AJ2, Teahen3, Lillibridge8, Morel5 with Danks pitching. It’s weird and wonderful and it will be strange not to have Konerko out there, considering he’s been such a fixture recently, but everyone deserves a day of rest and I look forward to seeing him back out there in NYC.

In honor of Omar’s birthday, I’ve woken up on the optimistic side of the bed today and my glass is half full. (And, depending on how the day goes, it may be a wine glass and it may be half full multiple times today.)

I hope that the boys can pull it out today. For Omar, for themselves, and even a little bit for us.


Go, team!

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Second verse, same as the first. Or: Ignorance is bliss.

So, I was out of town today and – from the inning-by-inning text updates that were making their way to my cell phone throughout the afternoon – it seemed like a good day NOT to be watching the White Sox play. The score seemed so scary that I’m afraid to even read the recaps today, now that I’m home.

Now, in the spirt of not dwelling on the fact that the White Sox got their butts totally whipped today in Detroit, I will spend exactly one sentence reiterating that I still think the starting line-up and batting order could benefit from an extreme makeover (even if only temporarily) and then I will move along, because – sadly – no one from the White Sox organization has asked my opinion on the starting line-up.

Let’s move along to happier things, shall we?


Like oceans. And mountains. And sunshine.

And, instead of ranting and raving and generally waving my hands around dramatically about the current sad state of affairs that is the Chicago White Sox, I am going to remain calm and hope that tomorrow brings something better. I’d say it couldn’t get worse, but at the moment, I’m not going to tempt fate.

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