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Extra ChiSox awesomeness, Day 3 Or: A win!

Finally, a win at The Cell. It was a nice surprise to load up GameDay around the 7th inning and see that we were winning. And, then to tune in again at the bottom of the 8th, and bite my fingernails a little bit throughout the top of the 9th.

santos-save.pngSo, yes, of course it’s a little easier to be positive today! But, if I was going to focus on one thing to be positive about, I think its time to talk about Sergio Santos.

3 saves in as many opportunities, he still has a 0.00 ERA (though, everyone who saw the game in NY knows that he owes that, in part, to Brent Lillibridge), and just generally coming out and getting the job done.

It is nice that we, as a collective unit of White Sox fans, don’t have to cringe every time we go to the bullpen in the 9th inning. Sure, the beginning of the season means that we’re all probably a little on edge, but at least we have someone that is proving to be up to the task.

Go, White Sox!

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