A shake-up in the line-up. Or: It is take your utility player to work day.

So, I get the news of today’s line-up and I am even more disappointed than normal that I am stuck at work this evening instead of being home to watch the game.

One of my favorite things about this game is the utility player. It’s always fun to see what someone can do, when you’re not used to seeing them. It’s fun to see people come through in the clutch and it’s nice to be pleasantly surprised when you realize just how much talent you have sitting on your bench.

And, it’s also fun to play with the element of not knowing what on earth to expect every time someone takes the field or steps up to the plate.

Today’s White Sox line-up looks wholly different from the opening day line-up, but I think that really is part of the fun of this game.

Pierre-7, Omar-6, Dunn-DH, Konerko-3, Quentin-9, AJ-2, McPherson-5, Lillibridge-8, Beckham-4, Peavy (SP).

Play ball!

(ps: Not terribly exciting for the first day back at blogging after the big “move”, but now that we’re – mostly – settled over here at wordpress, I’m hoping that it will be smooth and easy to get back into the swing of things. Welcome to our new home, everyone. Hopefully we all get settled in around here.)


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2 responses to “A shake-up in the line-up. Or: It is take your utility player to work day.

  1. I am still getting used to the switch and miss a few things that we used to have. Such as Recent Posts by bloggers and searching through the tags for each team. Otherwise, I am getting a little more comfortable with the switch.



    • I totally miss the “recent updates” and being able to click on the links on the front page for each team update (how else am I supposed to figure out who to read every day?!). But, I guess its not an insurmountable problem and we will all get used to it.

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