Boing! Or: A fantastic rebound all-around.

So, fantastically, last night’s mini-meltdown didn’t set the tone for the day.

It was a good day all around. There was pitching, there was relief-pitching (Pena?!!), there was defense (Rios?! Lillibridge!) and there was offense (pretty much everyone!).

I could wax poetic about how enjoyable it is to watch Mark Buehrle pitch (but I think Catherine will come through on that front!), and how awesome I still think Omar is, and how much hustle we see from Lillibridge every time he gets the chance (the running catch! the HR! the fact that he looked so overwhelmed during his post-game, on-the-field interview!), McPherson’s great stabbing catch, and the way that the bats were generally just lit up today.

However, I won’t.

All I am going to do is sit back and relax and enjoy the feeling.

Because, I feel happy and carefree and kind of like this today:

(I am, however, going to post the box score. Just for me. Because it’s pretty to look at.)

Go Sox!


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2 responses to “Boing! Or: A fantastic rebound all-around.

  1. It’s been a rare occurrence on the Southside so far this year (being happy and carefree that is)… enjoy it while ya can.

    • Well, it lasted two days. :) But, tonight we face a buffed and shiny Rangers line-up. On home turf. But, for at least the next 2 and a half hours, we’re still on a win streak.

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