North-of-the-Border 9th inning drama. Or: The Sox play the Jays and wacky hijinks ensue.

It’s no surprise to anyone who has watched any appreciable amount of White Sox baseball so far in 2011 that we have had (more than) our fair share of late inning drama.

It’s also (apparently) no surprise to everyone who has watched any of the Blue Jays’ action, that the same could be said about them.

Scoreless until the 5th, when A.J. Pierzynski singled, Omar Vizquel singled, (Beckham popped out) and Juan Pierre singled to Bautista in RF and AJ managed to beat the throw (seriously). The Jays tied it up in the 6th and that’s where it was when Jesse Crain came out to replace Phil Humber in the 8th. Patterson on first, Bautista at the plate and two out. A typical “let’s call Jesse” scenario, really. And, typically, Bautista walks and Jesse Crain makes it out of the inning safely.

Which, obviously, opened the 9th inning floodgates.

The thing that was the surprise was that, often, the Sox have let it slip away in the end, and the Jays have a tendency to come roaring back.

But, today, Alex Rios ends up with a single, but reaches second on a throwing error (I have a soft for Johnny Mac and was surprised it was him who opened the door) and then third on a wild pitch. Gordon Beckham gets HBP and then steals second (no, really!) and then both of them score on a ANOTHER throwing error. 3-1 Sox, and that’s where it ends (after Santos comes in and turns off the lights on the Jays).

Other random oddities about tonight?
-Juan Pierre had all of our RBIs
-AJ, Juan Pierre, Alex Rios, and Omar had all of our hits
-Quentin and Konerko, (and Dunn) were 0-fer
-the ChiSox caught someone stealing (on a sketchy call)
-the ChiSox stole 2 bases
-Phil Humber pitches 7.2 awesome innings, Jesse Crain walks Bautista and gets Rivera to ground out and manages to bag the W (and, hey, I’ll be happy any time Crain gets a win – and he deserves it for saving the collective butts of the White Sox on a very regular basis – but, at times, the win/save/loss/hold/etc rules are still some of the most non-sensical rules in baseball).
-It’s entirely possible that AJ actually has more friends in Toronto than Alex Rios. Wowie. Apparently the Jays fans know how to hold a grudge, sheesh.

It’s like this entire game was turned on its head, like Canada is opposite-land.

Today’s post deserves photos of the pitchers because, when you get down to it, it really was a pitcher’s duel.

See you on the flip side, y’all.


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5 responses to “North-of-the-Border 9th inning drama. Or: The Sox play the Jays and wacky hijinks ensue.

  1. That sounds like an exciting game! And winning makes it even better. I love it when guys do things you don’t expect them to be able to do to make the victory possible – love your list of random oddities!
    I agree about the rules for determining the winning pitcher. They mostly work, but the fact a reliever can blow the game, have the offsense save their bacon that same inning and be declared the winner is a the reason that’s only a mostly in my book. Oh well, what would baseball without the collection of amazing and less than amazing oddities for us to debate and enjoy?
    — Kristen

    • Just when I thought Day 1 @ Toronto was dramatic… today’s game went 14 innings and I had to suffer through the drama in person. It would have been easier to handle this loss if I wasn’t surrounded by (a rough guess) 22,000 Jays fans. And three other people in ChiSox caps, one dude in a Konerko jersey, and a very tiny 4 year old girl in a Mark Buehrle t-shirt. :)

  2. Unfortunately, today’s game was a slugfest, and didn’t turn out well for us :( I always prefer pitcher’s duels like Thursday’s game.

    • I like a game with good defense. Be it slugfest or pitcher’s battle, I want to see people sliding through the grass (turf) and barehanding a quick-throw from corner to corner and leaping into the air to rob extra bases. Fortunately, we did have some of that today. Unfortunately, not enough of it to overcome a lack of offense (but, apparently. enough for me to write the world’s longest blog post about it). But, man, this was one exhausting game to be at. I hope they make it up to me tomorrow. I don’t think I can handle this much excitement two days in a row.

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