Another fine Jake Peavy outing. Or: That was much more pleasant.

Thankfully, this game was a lot more fun than the last three. It would have been a heck of a lot more fun at Fenway today than it was at the Rogers Centre Sky Dome this weekend.

It wasn’t perfect – by a long stretch. Brent Lillibridge really needs to learn to relax before the 9th inning (though, it was still nice to see him in RF today. Rightly or wrongly, he gives me a sense of security out there), we left the bases loaded far more frequently than we really should, and Matt Thornton shouldn’t need to walk back to the dugout between innings like someone told him there was no Santa Claus in order to come out and pitch a strong inning.

And, then there was the weird stuff – Carlos Quentin getting hit by the pitch TWICE and Jesse Crain (who FINALLY gets to start an inning for the first time in forever and not come in to mop up someone else’s mess) gets nailed in the back/side by a line drive – and still manages to get the out – and the really odd late-strike-3 (possibly should have been ball 4) call for Juan Pierre and the late call when Lillibridge was possibly thrown out CS at 3rd. It seemed like a ball-4, late-throw to 3rd rather than a strike-him-out, throw-him-out that it was called. Or, maybe that’s what it looked like through my ChiSox-colored glasses.

Regardless, Peavy pitched a solid 7-innings today, Konerko got on the board with a solo homer that almost cleared the billboard 10 feet above the green monster, Matt Thornton really did pitch a solid 9th, everyone in the line-up got at least one hit tonight, there were clutch hits at least some of the time that we needed them… and, Ozzie gave a bat to a small boy sitting behind the ChiSox dugout.

Someone needs to get the White Sox bags of frozen peas to slap onto their bruised eyes, backs, and arms – because I’d like to do this all over again tomorrow.

Go Sox!


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2 responses to “Another fine Jake Peavy outing. Or: That was much more pleasant.

  1. Someone needs to get Dunn’s bat going again too! Hope they start getting the wheels going in the same direction soon. Life is better when the Sox are backing up their payroll.

    • Tell me about it. Adam Dunn looked like he was carrying a rifle to go shoot his dog instead of a baseball bat when he headed back to the dugout after each at bat. Life is better for *everyone* when the White Sox are backing up their payroll. Players, coaches, management, me. And, obviously, that’s the thing to focus on.

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