And May keeps going on. Or: Winning would be nice, even just for a change of pace.

I missed a couple of days of due to the pesky intervention of the real world and have been out of the blogosphere loop and have had to settle for my daily baseball intake being limited to the radio on my drive to-and-from work, and the boxscores on GameDay.

More of the same, less of the different. If I didn’t know that every single person in a ChiSox uniform is feeling even more depressed than I am about the general state of the ballclub, I would think they were actively trying to push me off the bandwagon.

But, they’re stuck with me, so here I am. Now that I am no longer up to my eyeballs in real-world junk, I am here to talk about today’s thing that is awesome about the White Sox.

Carlos Quentin. Call him in a pinch and he’ll come through. Firstly, he’s leading the team in crossing the plate – however he gets there – and is second in hits, home runs, total bases, slugging and OBP. And, not to mention, he has twice as many doubles as the next guy on this team. There are a whole list of reasons he was the first AL player of the week this season. And, after hearing about last night’s solo bomb, I’m happy that there’s still lots of good stuff in there.


Come on, boys, let’s turn this thing around. We’re from the wrong coast for divine help in the outfield, and we’re the wrong Chicago team to suddenly hire a 12 year old star pitcher, so you’re on your own (like my subtle baseball movie references?), but I know there are lots of us that are hanging out on the bandwagon, just waiting for the fun to begin.

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